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To start today's GPS session, begin by practising this week's spelling on spelling shed.
LO: To recognise and use subordinating conjunctions in a sentence.
Today we are going build on Friday's simple and complex sentence session. We are going to look at the use of subordinate conjunctions to expand and add detail to our sentences. 
View the video below of the wonderful Grammasaurus song to help us remember subordinate conjunctions then follow the PowerPoint, voiced by me. If this doesn't work, you can click the link below it to view this as a video. 
You will need paper, pen and good listening skills for this session. 
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Creative Curriculum/English
LO: To write a character description.
Today we are going to use our planning from Friday's session to help us write a character description of Abdul Kazam. Read the example WAGOLL to help magpie and generate ideas for you own description.

Remember to include:

  • What the character looks like.

  • What their job or role is.

  • What their personality is like.

  • Their actions – what they do on stage

Look carefully through the checklist to remind yourself of the features of a character description and to help you guide your writing. Refer back to it throughout today's session so that your writing is focused. Also remember to USE your plan and some of the wonderful ideas you have written down. 
You can choose from the sentence starters below or magpie ideas from the example. I am missing your shared ideas in class to help us along and look forward to writing together soon. 
Abdul Kazam Sentence starters:
Using prepositional phrases help us to start our sentences in different and interesting ways, whilst alos focusing our description. Try using some of the examples below:
On his feet....                         All around him.....          Inside he felt...
            Before he found magic...                     Between his shows....         
                                             Around his neck...
LO: To use multiplication knowledge to solve scaling problems. 

Everyone loves visiting big shows and attractions, just like Leon. Those that travel in the show need feeding when then come off stage. Today you are going to help scale recipes for the stage show cook.

To begin follow the BBC bitesize link to explore Scaling and how we can use our multiplication skills to solve everyday problems, like scaling ingredients. 


Following this select A, B or C depending on how much you would like to challenge yourself, C being the most challenging.  You can print off the sheets or simply write down the amount of each recipe on a piece of paper.


In each page you will find recipes with amounts that are completed and a section that is blank. You must scale the recipe up or down to make it correct. 


For example:




Times Tables Rockstars
We are running a competition that will end at Midnight on Thursday. It is Boys vs Girls in Year 4. 

Every correct answer in any game type is worth 1 point towards your team's score. In other words, you can play in Garage, Rock Slam, Soundcheck, etc and earn 1 point per correct answer.
Today you have a session set for Garage which practise a range of tables before our new timetables are loaded onto the section tomorrow. 
LO: To understand and recognise the properties of the states of matter.
Today we are going to star our new science topic... States of Matter.
What is Matter? how might we describe it's state?
Work through the Oak Academy session, keeping pencil and a pen near you ready to work. After completing the session and quiz, copy out and complete the table from the sctivity sheet below, showing each of the states and their properties. 
Can you make a list of Solids, Liquids and Gases you can see around your home? Some items in the home may contain more than one state!
Reading Plus - 30Min Session
We are going to start our English session today with  Reading Plus
You should log in and choose x1 Reading lesson and x1 vocabulary session to ensure all assignments are completed by the end of this week.
It should take us around 30mins, if you have completed both of these in the session, then please work on other assignments or reading on the app for the rest of your time.