Year 4

Our new topic for Spring term 1 is... Rivers and Mountains!
Take a look at some of the fun new vocabulary we will be using in this topic below. You can also find them displayed in our classroom. Why not try and create your own glossary or find new terms we could add to this list?
Take a look at our key vocabulary for our topic Autumn term 1....
Modern Greece!
Why not take a look at our topic vocabulary for Autumn Term 2....
The Ancient Greeks!
Get a head start by practising the core Year 3 and 4 spelling words!
Vocabulary Ninja!
In Year 4 we are training to become Vocabulary Ninjas! We are following the Shinobi word of the day from his blog to widen our vocabulary. Why not practise these at home with your child by accessing the social media links below (with an adult only).