Summer Term 2021

Outdoors Maths
Year 3 have been taking part in some outdoor Maths lessons this week. They  represented fractions using whatever they could find on the yard, field and forest school area.
In Science we investigated how magnetic different materials are. We had great fun doing this!

Artist Study - Fathi Hassan


As part of our topic on Modern Egypt, we have learned about the renowned Egyptian Artist, Fathi Hassan. Hassan makes images and photographs using ancient languages as his inspiration. We learned to write our name in Arabic, the most commonly spoken language in Egypt, then we created our design using black paint in Hassan's style.


Ultimate Frisbee
Year 3 have loved learning a new sport in PE - Ultimate Frisbee!
We loved learning some of the basics of British Sign Language today!
Rock Steady!
Year 3 had the chance to  'Rock Out' when the team from Rock Steady taught us to play 'We Will Rock You' on keyboards, drums, lead guitar, bass guitar and, of course, vocals!
Whatever happened to Doggerland???
Year 3 learned about the Doggerland - the land that used to connect the British Isles to Europe in the Stone Age. We learned about how the end of the ice age brought about sea level rise and isostatic rebounding - which meant the land sunk. We discovered how a megatsunami caused by an earthquake off Norway finished off what was left of Doggerland.
Stone Age hunting
We took part in some archery to experience what it might have been like to hunt using a bow and arrow in the Stone Age. We then had a BBQ to cook the tasty Mammoth that we caught!