Spring 2020

We loved learning the traditional Chinese story of Mulan! We acted out the story, ordered the sentences and sorted statements into 'True' or 'False'. We found out that Mulan was not allowed to be a soldier because she was a girl, so we thought about gender stereotypes by looking at different toys. We sorted them into two categories - toys for girls and toys for boys. After a lot of discussion we began to realise that toys are not just for boys and girls, but for everyone and sometimes the toys we play with help us decide the kinds of jobs we would like to do when we're older!
We investigated different materials to see which ones would help us to create a shadow puppet theatre! We made shadow puppets to tell the story of Chinese New Year and added beat, rhythm and pitch to create music to match our storytelling!
We have been learning all about plants in our science topic. We are now able to name the different parts of a plant and explain what they do. We looked at some examples of Chinese art involving flowers and created our own blossom pictures by mixing red and white and printing using the end of a carrot, which we know is the root of a plant!
We learned about the Terracotta Army which was discovered in the 1970s and is thousands of years old! We wrote some facts about how they were discovered and then we created our own terracotta army by drawing around our friends and using sponges to add the colour of terracotta.