What will happen at St Cuthbert's if there is a confirmed positive COVID-19 case in school?

If we receive notification of a confirmed positive case in school using NHS Test and Trace, we will:
1. Complete the document below 'Identifying Close Contacts in School', gathering as much information as we can about the case and identifying all contacts within school. We have systems in place, for example class seating plans, to enable us to do this quickly.
2. Contact Public Health England (PHE) and share all of the information we have gathered.
3. Act upon the advice and direction from PHE which could involve the self-isolation of small groups of children/adults, partial (individual class) closure or full closure of the school. (Please refer to PHE and Newcastle LA links below to find out what kind of advice schools expect to receive)
4. Contact parents/carers as necessary with the advice and direction we have been given from PHE. This will involve school sending out one of the letters (templates below) advising one of the following three outcomes: 1. individuals or groups of children to self-isolate; 2. notifying parents/carers of a class closure or 3. a full school closure.
If parents/carers have any queries or concerns regarding any of the information shared, please contact our school office on 0191 2860129.