Wednesday Word

Ash Wednesday
A huge thank you to the Chaplaincy team who led the Ash Wednesday Liturgies. 
New Year, New Me!
This Wednesday word looked at Scripture about new beginnings. We talked about the idea of resolutions and making efforts to do something in our lives to help strengthen our relationship with God.
The teachers have added their resolutions to a tree. Hopefully it will help us remember them!
 The Chaplaincy Team supported Ms Fas in leading a liturgy about creation and linked it to the upcoming Harvest Festival. They challenged us with the job of bringing in lots of food that we can donate to the West End Food Bank - a fantastic organisation that supports local people in having enough food to eat.
The Holy Name of Mary
Yesterday, to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, we enjoyed a liturgy looking at the importance of names. We talked about why our names were special and how we can try to live up to the names we have been given. We ended by singing and signing the Hail Mary. We have set the children a challenge of finding out where their name comes from and what it means.