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The following Advent wreath prayer is intended to help busy households make Advent a prayerful time during the rush of Christmas preparations. We would love you to try it at home!


Today begins a special time of year for us. This week we begin the season of Advent, that period of waiting before Christmas. In order to help each of us prepare our own hearts for the birth of Christ, we want to take a few moments each week to pray together.


Did you ever wonder why God didn’t make it easier for us to be good?

This week, the Bible passages chosen for this first Sunday of Advent point out two things: that we aren’t perfect, and that we could be — and we’d better be! — better people.

The prophet Isaiah begs God for help. The evangelist Paul offers up a thank-you to God for all the gifts we have. And Mark’s Gospel reminds us that the time to start living the right way is right now — this Advent — today.


Dear God, help us to accept that we are the clay and that you are the potter. Throughout this first week of Advent, help us remember that we are your people and that you are our God. Help us get our priorities right and put the most important things first: loving God and loving our neighbor.

Holy Spirit, guide the choices we make throughout this week so that we choose to do what honors our creator and what shows our love of others.

Father in heaven, we offer thanks to you for the many gifts and talents you have given to all the people on earth, to our family and friends, to the neighbors we know and the neighbors we have yet to befriend.

Lord Jesus, we wait in joyful hope for you. 

 The Chaplaincy Team supported Ms Fas in leading a liturgy about creation and linked it to the upcoming Harvest Festival. They challenged us with the job of bringing in lots of food that we can donate to the West End Food Bank - a fantastic organisation that supports local people in having enough food to eat.
The Holy Name of Mary
Yesterday, to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, we enjoyed a liturgy looking at the importance of names. We talked about why our names were special and how we can try to live up to the names we have been given. We ended by singing and signing the Hail Mary. We have set the children a challenge of finding out where their name comes from and what it means.