Year 5 
Year 5 had a great session working scientifically outside. The class looked at different ways of separating mixtures using: filtering, evaporation, decanting, using a magnet, sieving and picking out by hand.
Working Scientifically with Year 2
Year 2 have been looking at which conditions are needed for runner bean seeds to germinate. We will use the evidence from our investigation to describe what seeds and bulbs need to germinate and we will also think about what mature plants need to stay healthy.
Year 5 investigating which solids dissolve in water. During our next lesson, we will investigate what affects the rate of dissolving.
Year 3 investigated the use of magnets by testing a range of objects to see if they were magnetic or non-magnetic. They made some very interesting discoveries! Some members of the class even tried to attract different objects by using the magnet under the table! The children are really looking forward to testing the strength of different magnets during our next lesson.
Year 2 braved the showers to find different micro-habitats in our school grounds. They looked everywhere- under logs and stones, in trees, around the fence... They found lots of interesting habitats and some mini-beasts and big spiders! See if you can spot any. You may need to look closely because some creatures are camouflaged!
Year 5 have been testing different materials for a range of properties. They have tested for flexibility, permeability, durability and magnetism. 
Our year 6 Science leaders continue to do a fantastic job of looking after the school tortoises, Squirt and Trevor. They feed them each day, change their water and even give them the occasional bath! This helpful duo are an asset to our school and continue to be a great help to Mrs Hacking and Mrs Ruane. Well done!
Our team of scientists had a brilliant time taking part in some practical and slightly messy activities! Some members of the group worked together to make gooey, scented slime whilst the budding archaeologists of the group used their excavation skills to dig up some buried treasure! 
St. Cuthbert's now has four new Science leaders and we are very proud of the work they have already done. Last week we voted for the animal we would like to have in school. The Science leaders announced the 'winning' animal in today's assembly. It's a tortoise! We will welcome our new addition to the school after February half term.
Science Progression of Skills
Our year 5 Science leaders continue to do a brilliant job of watering all of the inside plants kept in The Science Lab. They are prompt, sensible and are great role-models to their peers. After Mrs Hacking and 'The Green Team' have planted bulbs in the forest school area, the Science leaders will take on the role of watering the planters so that we have some beautiful flowers growing in the springtime. Well done boys!