Reading Rules

We know that reading is a really important skill in life, and that is why we are trying to be the best readers we can be. We know that the more we read and the more we practise, the better we will be and the more we will enjoy it. We have used the British Value of Democracy to vote for these rules as a whole class to support us in our learning of reading.
1) All Reading Records must be written in every week. They can be written by us, but at least one of the days has to be signed by a grown up. 
2) The Reading Records should be brought into school on a Tuesday to be checked by Ms Fas or Mrs Fisher. If we forget, we can also bring them in on a Wednesday. If they are not brought in then, we can spend break-time reading in the library. 
3) To enter the reading raffle, we must read at least 5 times a week and have our record signed by an adult. This will get us one ticket. If we complete a follow-up activity, we will receive two tickets. We could get three tickets a week!