Operation Encompass

St Cuthbert's is an Operation Encompass School which means we are notified by Northumbria Police if any of our families or children are involved in any domestic violence situations. For more information, please see the document below. This enables the staff in school to support the children involved. As an OE school, we have access to a School Safeguarding Liaison Officer who specialises in supporting and advising families with domestic abuse issues or conflict in the family home. The officer is hosting a drop in session for families from 3.10 until 4.10pm on Wednesday 11th September 2019 at St Cuthbert's for anyone who is interested in discussing Operation Encompass, domestic violence or for anyone who needs advice or support. If this applies to you, please come to the main entrance of school where the office is on Wednesday 11th September at 3pm to attend the drop in session. Your child/children will be looked after in school by a member of staff whilst you attend the drop in. The officer will speak to individuals in a private room if requested.