Messages from St Cuthbert's

30th March 2020

Hello to every member of our St Cuthbert’s Family!


I cannot believe it has only been a week since we had to close the doors of St Cuthbert’s to our wonderful children and families! We miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you all again.


The teachers have been working hard preparing more suggested activities for you to do at home. I would like to add that the most important thing is to try and enjoy this time with your family – it’s really difficult for everyone and circumstances none of us are used to working in but if we work together and help each other out like we always do, we’ll get through it.


Going forward, for those parents who would like more opportunities and ideas to support their child’s learning during this time, we will update the Learning at Home section of the website for each class on a weekly basis. This will provide parents and families with some suggestions for activities to help continue the children’s learning at home as much as is feasibly possible. Starting from next week, new weekly blocks of learning will be shared every Monday and parents will be alerted to the new learning via a text message. Mrs Ferguson is doing an amazing job keeping our school website and Facebook page fresh and up to date with new activities to try. Thank you, Mrs Ferguson!


Can I also take this opportunity to say that when the children do return to St Cuthbert’s, we will all do absolutely everything in our power to ensure the children catch up on everything they have missed, especially in the core subjects. This is our promise to you.


If you do need to contact school, please use our school email address which is checked daily:


Stay safe everyone and look out for each other! The sun will shine all the brighter once this is all over.


Mrs Bullerwell and everyone at St Cuthbert’s

Hi Nursery Friends,


I just wanted to let you know that we are all thinking of you. I’m sure you are having lots of fun, family time and playing at home.


Miss Graham is taking really good care of Jerry the giraffe, he is having lots of fun playing with Rocco.


Here are some good scavenger hunts for you to do, you can find them here: .


Missing you all! Keep smiling!


Lots of love,

Miss Graham, Mrs Renforth, Mrs Slater, Mrs Ruddick and Miss Britt xxx

Hi my Reception friends,

I am missing seeing your smiley faces and can’t wait until we are all back together again.


I have been thinking about what you have been busy doing with your families and have enjoyed looking at some of your photos on the St Cuthbert’s Facebook site.


I have been trying to keep active at home with my family by doing Joe Wicks PE lesson, having a bike ride and doing some netball shots in the garden. My girls have been making some delicious biscuits while Will has now put up his Mario Kart Scalextrics set in the middle of the lounge!


I have a physical challenge for you all as I know how much you all like to be moving around. Can you throw and catch a ball 10 times without dropping it? If you don’t have a ball, a pair of rolled up socks works just as well. As an extra challenge throw the ball higher or clap before you catch it! Good Luck!


Thinking of you all lots. 

Love from Mrs Marley, Mrs Broxup and Miss Green

Hello to all of the fantastic Year 1 friends!


Even though we’re not together, I've been thinking about you all and remembering all of the brilliant things we’ve done together! I love seeing the pictures of all the amazing art, outdoor play and family time you’ve been enjoying and it’s great to see those smiles!


I’ve been busy with my family too, enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of painting, drawing and making. We've been playing a different board game every night but after so many nights we've almost run out so Alice and Ben are making their own board game today!


It’s been very strange not going out anywhere so we’ve been reading lots of stories to make us feel like we’ve been travelling all over the place! I’d love to know which stories you’ve been enjoying.  You could even draw your favourite part and take a picture to show me! 


Miss Hagan is missing everybody too! She’s been spending lots of time looking after Murphy and he’s been enjoying the sunshine in the garden too! 


Mrs Ferguson sends her love too and wants everyone to know how much she’s missing them!


It’s a very strange time for everyone, but remember that all of our friends will be waiting to see us when we get back to school! I can’t wait! Keep looking after each other and stay safe.  Most of all...keep smiling!


Lots of love from Mrs Haighton, Miss Hagan and Mrs Ferguson xx

Hi to all of the Year 2 children and their families.


I have missed you all so very much and can’t believe I haven’t seen you guys for a whole week!


I know it’s strange but we are all still part of our St Cuthbert’s family so we can keep in touch with each other via the school Facebook page and the school website. Keep looking on the learning at home section of the website for daily challenges. There has been 1 challenge for each day of the school week.


I have been out in the garden helping my husband, John, to clear the weeds and change Archie the Duck’s water in his paddling pool. We’ve been on a daily walk into the woods and have spotted 5 grey squirrels! I baked a cake but didn’t follow the recipe well so it sank in the middle ...we covered it with custard and it tasted quite nice. Keep busy and try to see the positives in each day.


Mrs Gregson has been catching up with Marvel Superhero films such as Antman and Black Panther. She has also been practicing her cartwheels in the garden!


Miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you soon. 

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Gregson and Mrs Roberts xxx


Hi Year 3 friends,


Mr Bright here! I hope you are all finding lots of enjoyable things to keep you busy in lock-down! I’ve been busy doing Joe Wicks’ P.E. lesson every morning, doing loads of DIY in the house and have been doing lots of reading (and of course, missing you lot!)


Hopefully the work that I sent you has been useful and you are managing ok with it – remember, if you manage to get it finished, there’s lots of stuff on the learning at home section on the school website. You can also look at tonnes of photos of you and your classmates on the Year 3 section.


Something else you could continue working on with your parents is learning to tell the time – we were in the middle of that before we went into lock-down and it’s definitely a challenging objective! One of the best things that I’ve seen available to you all is the free audiobooks for children on Audible – it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. Unfortunately it doesn’t have ‘The Ice Monster’ – is anyone else dying to find out what happens to Elsie and the gang?!


Mrs McBride and I would love to hear what you all have been getting up to at home, if you could let us know via the school Facebook account that would be amazing!

Stay safe and keep busy - we miss you all,


Mr. Bright & Mrs. McBride


Hello Year 4!


We hope you are all keeping safe and making the most of this time with your family.


I hope you have enjoyed some of the research tasks and revising some of the key maths skills we have learned already. Why not challenge yourself with something you find tricky today? There are also lots of challenges and games on our Learning at Home website too! 


Miss Dorning has enjoyed joining in with Joe Wicks PE every day and catching up on reading new books and Miss Thompson is enjoying spending lots of time outside with her family. 


Use this time to rest, revise and enjoy time with your family. We miss you all and will see you all soon! 


Miss Dorning and Miss Thompson

Hello Year 5!


How are you all doing? We miss you all so much. It’s been lovely to see what some of you have been up to over the last week and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week.


If you are stuck for things to do, there are loads of ideas on the ‘Learning at Home’ section of the website and we’re forever posting new and exciting ideas on the Facebook group. How many of you have managed to read the rest of Beowulf? Did you enjoy it? We’d love to know what you thought of it. You could write a review, record a review, act some of it out, draw a picture or have a go at writing your own story. Ask your parents to take pictures and post them for us to see!


Mrs Ferguson has enjoyed some lovely time in school and at home. Rosie, Jackson and Carter are getting used to not going out anywhere other than the garden and we’re grateful for the lovely weather. They’ve loved playing in the sandpit and in their playhouse. Carter’s new favourite thing is a bubble machine – he loves dancing round the garden in the bubbles! Rosie is loving doing Maths work (just like her mammy) and Jackson has enjoyed reading and drawing. We’re all loving keeping fit with Oti’s funky dances too!


Mrs Fisher has enjoyed the time she has spent in school in the past week but has also been spending time outside in her garden to get fresh air and has even started a daily skipping session to improve her fitness! She's definitely appreciating having some time to read her favourite books as well as building Lego models with her husband after he's finished work for the day. Mrs Fisher has also loved seeing all the inspiring rainbows of hope in people's windows while out on her daily walk. 


These are very strange times for all of us but it’s important to stay safe. We all miss each other but our friends will all be waiting for us when we get back to school. Look after yourselves and your families, keep smiling everyone!


Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Fisher xxx


Ola to all our Year 6 friends,


We hope this message finds you and your family fit and well. How strange it has been not seeing you this last week! 


I have been a little under the weather, but I'm fighting fit this week. Today Corben, Claudie, Ozzy (dog) and I went for a jog after Joe Wicks PE - Ozzy ran ten times as far as we did, he enjoyed it the most! Corben has been working very hard on his school work, St Mary's have been sending out a daily lesson and are sticking to his school timetable. Claudie has a booklet like you, she has worked through her daily lessons and is doing some extra work around Harry Potter and endangered animals.


We went for a trip around Chester zoo last week, virtually. Like you, we can't see our extended families so we have used apps to keep in touch to see them. We have done lots of art - I'm painting a picture which will be huge. I'll post a picture of it when it's done - it may take a while! We did some Easter origami too; we made boxes and bunny rabbits! Mrs Ramplin sent me a great video of her dancing around the living room with her husband - quality time spent together is a gift. Mrs Dodds works between the hospitals (RVI and Freeman) so hasn't been at home much. The NHS are at the frontline of our recovery from this virus - give a little clap on Thursday at 8pm and keep them in your prayers. 


Mrs Ramplin has been in regular contact. She has enjoyed her outdoor exercise on the beach, cycling there and back, getting plenty of fresh sea air. She has taken up yoga in the morning, although her back is a bit stiff. She also said that her house has never been as clean! Today she is spending time in the garden, pottering. She really misses you all. 


There are lots of activities on the website if you run out of things to do in the pack. You can try and complete the Maths textbook we sent home by attempting the additional pages - this might be new learning but be sure to read the instructions before you complete the tasks. Have a look online by searching (with an adult) White Rose Maths home learning. There are packs for Year 6 (and all other year groups) for free - this will help with your mastery skills and may even challenge your parents/carers! Why don't you chose a book and complete a character description, description of a setting and rewrite part of the story. Have a look at the Literacy Shed or David Walliams has free resources. Take the opportunity to do some artwork, I always find this very relaxing. Chose a topic or artist and try and replicate their style or use your own style to interpret their work. One of the most important things to do is stay active, Joe Wicks is a great way to start the day, but remember to get out for an hour of fresh air. 


Remember, at this time, we can get stressed and frustrated with one another. Your parents and carers will be trying their best to keep you safe and entertained, as well as doing their own work. Try to be a little more understanding, talk more to each other, use screens less for entertainment, listen to music and dance...most importantly enjoy this time together, take advantage of the world slowing down to almost a stop, reset your relationships with your families and really spend quality time together. 


Good luck and God bless, 


Mr Dodds, Mrs Hacking & Mrs Ramplin

Hi everyone, 


I hope you are all OK and being really helpful to your families. I miss you all and teaching you Science lessons.


I have been busy with my two boys, Jack and Leo who, like lots of you, are at home taking part in home learning activities. One of the things we have enjoyed doing is listening to David Walliams’ 'Elevenses.' If you haven't listened to one of his audio books, I would recommend it. We have just built a den with lots of cushions and blankets and listened to 'Tandy's Tantrums!' We have also been planting some sunflower seeds and are going to do some tidying in the garden. Take care of each other and speak to you soon.


Mrs Hacking. Xxx