Spring 2020

CSI: Iron Age
Year 3 have done some real 'Horrible History' this morning with CSI: Lindow Man. Lindow Man is a body that was found in the peat bogs in Cheshire. He died over 2000 years ago and we examined a variety of different evidence to ascertain his cause of death.
St. Cuthbert's Book Day
Year 3 have loved getting dressed up for our Book Day! We have characters from a huge range of books. Great effort!
Smart Scooter Training
Year 3 had a blast while learning how to ride our scooter safely!
Measuring Mass
Year 3 have spent our Maths lesson measuring the mass of various objects in the classroom. We used digital kitchen scales, analogue kitchen scales, newtonmeters and balance scales.
After measuring the length of different objects inside, we used trundle wheels to measure longer lengths outside.
Stone Age Cave Art

We have been inspired by the 20,000 year old cave art that was found in caves in Lascaux, France. The Stone Age artists were inspired by the animals that lived in their regions and some of the pictures show how the animals were hunted using spears, bows and arrows.

'Doggerland' Investigation
Year 3 took part in an investigation into why woolly mammoth bones are regularly found by fishing boats in the middle of the North Sea. We learned that, in the Stone Age, there was land connecting Britain to Europe called 'Doggerland'. We discussed the 3 main theories about why the land was wiped out. Discussing melting Ice, Isostatic Rebounding and a megatsunami.
Stone Age Day
Today, Year 3 had a Stone Age day to launch our new topic. We built shelters outside after learning about how communities were nomadic, living in temporary shelters. We took part in archery after learning about how Stone Age people hunted for their food. We also learned about how Beakers were introduced to Britain by the Beaker people and made Stone Age beakers.   
Falcons Rugby
Year 3 are lucky enough to have professional coaches from Newcastle Falcons come in and lead our P.E. sessions this half term. We had a great time learning to run with the ball and pass the ball this week!
P.E. - Circuits
Year 3 have been doing circuits in P.E. They have loved working hard and learning about the body, health and fitness.
P.E: Hockey
Year 3 loved playing hockey today. We learned a bit about the different types of hockey, how to dribble, pass and shoot the puck and played some very competitive games!