Autumn 2018

Maths Challenges!
Take a look at some of the challenging work that some of us have been doing in maths. Including loads of mastery challenges and coverage of some objectives that are beyond Year 3's expected level.
Egyptian Art
As part of our topic on Modern Egypt, we have learned about the renowned Egyptian Artist, Fathi Hassan. Hassan makes images and photographs using ancient languages as his inspiration. We learned to write our name in Arabic, the most commonly spoken language in Egypt, then we created our design using black paint in Hassan's style.
Comparing Numbers
To practice comparing numbers, we did a height investigation. We measured our heights in centimeters and then sequenced ourselves in order of height. 
Year 3 had the chance to take part in a Yoga session this afternoon. Check out the concentration in their faces!
Times Tables
To help os consolidate our knowledge of the times tables, Year 3 have been playing Times table dominoes!
This afternoon we celebrated our families and homes in a class liturgy in the Forest School area. We also considered the changing seasons and read from St. Paul's letter to the Colossians (Colossians 3:12-17), learning how to be holy people.
As part of our Modern Egypt Topic and inspired by 'The Day of Ahmed's Secret' by Florence Parry Heide, we have learned to write our names in Arabic. It was interesting to write in using different characters. Our writing will go towards an upcoming art work.
Concrete Maths
In order to learn how to count up in multiples of different numbers, some groups went outside and physically counted concrete objects to support our understanding.
Year 3 loved meeting their French teacher Madame Dryden. Today welearned some basic greetings in French, learned and performed a song called 'Fifi & Blanche' and Madame Dryden taught us loads about France and Paris, its capital city.
Place Value
In Maths, Year 3 have been  playing the Place Value Game to help and challenge our understanding of Place Value.
Rugby Day
Year 3 had a fantastic time at the annual rugby day, led by Mr Thompson and two coaches from Newcastle Falcons. We learned many new skills and showed a lot of real talent.