History of St Cuthbert's

Why are we called St. Cuthbert’s?

St. Cuthbert was a caring, unique individual and is often referred to as the Patron Saint of the North East. He healed the sick, proclaimed the Good News and will forever be remembered in his legacy for being a fantastic role-model. He had inspiring qualities such as determination, passion, dedication and commitment. Cuthbert was a globally famous Saint taking up the position of Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. As to this day, Bishop Seamus Cunningham is filling his colossal shoes of being Bishop of our diocese. Cuthbert showed his spectacular loyalty and commitment when he healed the residents of Lindisfarne even when he was dying! Our school are proud to be named after this magnificent, unique, loyal and committed Saint, as he represents our schools Mission Statement.

Written by a Year 6 pupil

History of St Cuthbert's

We have compiled a book to provide a memento of the first sixty years of the school’s history - 1956 to 2016. Mrs Jean Crilly, the school historian and a former teacher of the school, has accessed school registers and log books. The fullness of the life of the school is shown in photographs and through personal memories contributed by ex-pupils, staff and Head Teachers.

History has shown that the potential of our children is unlimited. The school has produced three priests and at least one doctor, two dentists and a professor of orthopaedic surgery, two professional footballers and very highly qualified engineers and business people as well as head teachers and teachers galore. We are proud of our school and our parishioners agree that past and current pupils have acquitted themselves very well.

We are very grateful for the work of Jean and her late husband Brian. We hope that you enjoy the book, if you have further memories of the school which you would like to share, please send them to the school office.