Today we are going to cover GPS, English, PE and Reading Plus.
Have a great day!
GPS will cover homophones - three slides to be covered today and the final one to be covered on Monday.
In English today we are looking at geography linked to WW1:
  1. 'Mapping WW1' - identify the country's flags invovled in WW1
  2. 'First World War' Colouring Map - research and identify neutral states, triple entent, triple entente allies, triple alliance, triple alliance allies. Make sure each category has a different colour. Colour the colours on the map.
  3. Identify the key WW1 battles on the information PDF attached. Use the map to identify the various locations of battle on the map.
PE today is tennis.
Warm-up, pick one:
  1. The Bean Dance - different beans have different dances!
  2. On the Spot - everything on the spot: walk, march, jog, lunge, squat, stretch up, flop down, high knees, heel flicks
  3. Joe Wicks lockdown PE - use this as a warm-up.
Use the video clip to practice some skills:
Cool down:
Use the warm-up: start at normal pace and get slower.
Use these stretches to help, remember the girl is very flexible - don't over stretch!