Online Safety News

Online Safety News
October 2021

Squid Game
As some parents may be aware, there is a new TV series on Netflix, called Squid Game (Rated 15+). While the title may not seem sinister, the content of this is concerning as it includes 'Intense violence, torture and scenes of  sexual nature' (Common Sense Media). Scenes of games or challenges from this are also beginning to appear on social media platforms, such as TikTok. We are aware that some children have either seen or accessed clips of this show at home and we have spoken to them about the age restrictions and why these are important.
To help you stay in control of the content access by your child, please see the link below to see how to check or place children restrictions on a Netflix account.  
There are great information guides below that share further information about both Netflix and TikTok and how we can stay safe online.