Autumn 2021

What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 1! it's been absolutely wonderful welcoming the children back to school and getting stuck into our exciting 'Pirates' topic! This week we have been learning all of the new routines in Year 1 and exploring the resources. It was a very busy week! 
Ahoy! This week we have been focusing on the story "The Pirates are coming!" and creating role play props so that we could act out the story. We've also been busy learning about the number square and beginning to count in 10s. We made some pirate treasure sticks, each containing 10 pieces. We counted in 10s and found out that we had made 100 pieces of treasure altogether!
It's been another super busy week in Year 1 this week! We have been finding out all about labels, lists and captions and creating our own labels for items in the classroom as well as labelling a pirate picture and making a list of all the places he travelled to on his journey. We used the lists to draw our own maps of his adventure.
We've also been looking more closely at 2 digit numbers, finding them on the number square, making them in different ways and even finding out how to partition them into 10s and units! We played lots of games outside, counting in tens from 0 and from a 1 digit number and ordering numbers to find out who has the biggest one! 
Our new science topic is all about ourselves. We drew a fabulous person and labelled all of the parts of the body which relate to our 5 senses. We didn't forget the most important part of bodies when it comes to senses... our brains!
In RE we learned about how God looks after us and keeps us safe. We loved dressing up to represent Psalm 63!
We have had a really busy week in Year 1 designing and making moving seagull sliders. We had to plan which resources we  would need to use and solve problems like making sure that we didn't cut the card all of the way to the bottom. It was really tricky to cut and stick everything together but we were so proud of the end results!
This week we have been focusing on geography in Year 1. We followed some clues to find the treasure left by Captain Blackbeard then created a map using different resources. This helped us to make our own maps with symbols and keys to show the layout of our outdoor area. We even made maps with Lego! We also celebrated our full cube jar with a teddy bear's picnic, party games and dancing!
It's been a chilly start to the new half term for Year 1! We've loved beginning our new topic all about Polar Explorers. We read and acted out the story of 'Lost and Found', located the polar regions on a map, created igloos with the wooden blocks and sketched careful pictures of different breeds of penguin.  What a great start! We've also started to investigate subtraction using the number line and practical resources.
We can't wait for fireworks night so we have been making posters to remind us how to be safe at a fireworks party.
Year 1 have been fantastic scientists this week! We are planning to make some waterproof shelters so first we had to predict which materials would be waterproof and which would be absorbent then carefully test our theories. Everyone was surprised that the grease proof paper was waterproof because we thought that paper would be absorbent! We found out that the grease makes it waterproof. Fantastic investigating!
This week we have been learning all about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to make lots of amazing sculptures. We created beautiful ice baubles using berries and leaves and hung them up on the bushes outside. We had to read lots of instructions to make them and then we wrote our own instructions! Fantastic work from Year 1! 
We loved making and testing our shelters!
We have ben learning all about Advent and creating beautiful Advent pictures to show the events of the Annunciation.
We made some beautiful Christmas cards in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
We have been working so hard in Maths, practicing the 4 operations and using cubes and other resources to help us to solve problems. It's been really good fun and everyone has worked so hard!
This week we have been thinking about the environment and how Polar bears need to be able to walk on the ice caps to survive. We watched videos of melting ice caps and even had our own melting iceberg in the classroom! We created posters to encourage people to recycle and help to look after our world. 
We also retold the Christmas story through role play and then ordered the events in the story. It was wonderful to find out the true meaning of Christmas!
What a fantastic end to our first term in Year 1! This week we have been reading Christmas poems all by ourselves and creating actions to help us to remember them. Mrs Haighton and Miss Hagan were so impressed with the brilliant reading!
We also celebrated our full cube jar which we filled by carrying out kind deeds and working hard. We voted for a pyjama and Christmas crafts day - it was so much fun and we loved seeing everyone's brilliant art work! Have a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to see you in 2022!