Autumn 2018

What a fantastic first week at school! We all had a great time spending time with our friends, playing with new equipment and learning the routines of our new class.
In RE we have been discussing our own new beginnings. We thanked God for these wonderful opportunities and then looked at His gifts to us such as the sea, the sky, the stars and people.
Year 2 are totally awesome! They have been learning their ten times tables through lots of different games. Here are just a few pictures of their challenge game was so exciting!
Today was Year 2's fist Zippy's Friends lesson. We talked about times when we felt happy and discussed how others can tell that we are happy. Some of us were able to explain how our faces changed and others explained how we might feel inside. Year 2 created their own images of themselves to use whilst explaining their emotions. A fantastic new beginning!
We  had a visit from our friends at 'Road Safety' the other day. We learned all about being seen and where to cross the road safely. We picked up some great tips about how to stay safe in the car too!
Our creative curriculum topic is The Great Fire of London and we have been looking at how fires were stopped in 1666. They didn't have fire engines like we have today, they used leather buckets full of water and fire hooks to pull the burning buildings down. As a challenge in DT we have been designing our very own fire engine considering a specific success criteria. Then we will follow our designs and actually make our own fire engines using wheels and axles.
What an amazing afternoon filled with fun and laughter! Year 2 enjoyed riding their bikes and scootering around the playground as well as playing different sporting games together. Well done everyone!
We have been developing our art skills by using paint brush strokes in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. The children created a fire scene on which they will create a London skyline. Well done are all fantastic artists!
Year 2 have the opportunity to take place in a comic strip challenge. If you are interested, and would like to complete a comic strip to enter please do so and hand it into Year 2 by October 20th 2018.
What an exciting time we've had in Year 2! Samuel Pepys came to visit us from 1666 via the secret time machine in Mrs Bullerwell's office! We found out lots of interesting facts ...he loved Italian cheese and red wine, he loved visiting Brighton Beach and he loved to eat ham stotties too! Some of us thought he looked very similar to Mr Bright !