Class Homework


Year 4 Weekly Homework


* PLEASE NOTE- Any Remote Home Learning, can be found under the date of the current week*


Spellings will be set and tested in line with the units from The Spelling Shed scheme. Spellings will be tested on a Wednesday. The children have the words they need to learn available on the Spelling Shed web game:, as well as available on the this page below. 

This game is a great way for children to prastise their weekly spellings. They also have the opportunity to play the game in school time.

Multiplication and Division

Times tables will be tested each week (tests will cover all times tables up to 12 x 12 and the related division facts). These tests could happen on any day. All children also still have an active ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ account and we would encourage them to use the program at home to practise the recall of the times tables. Sound Check will help your child become ready for the Year 4 Multiplication Check at the end of Year 4 and Garage is where each week's times tables focus will be set. 


Reading books – The children have been asked to read a little each day. Please listen to your child read as much as possible. It is important to your child’s learning that they are heard reading by an adult every day for a few minutes. Although this is no longer recorded in a reading record, as we are keeping these in school for now, please feel free to email me this. 

This does not always need to be your child’s reading book from school – personal books can be included too. We are now keeping reading records in school and children can make a note of home reading when they come into school each day. Children can change their reading books every week and if they have finished their book, have a look at the reading ideas page for follow-up activities. As part of our reading homework, each child has access to Reading Plus (see link below). They should complete at least 2 sessions per week at home. Those who need help to do so will join a club in the own time in school, to ensure everyone has equal opportunity and access to this outside of lesson time. 


There is an 80% pass rate on spelling and times tables tests (8/10 for spelling and 10/12 for times tables). An adult will be available at break times for children who didn’t meet the pass mark, so that they can have an opportunity for further practice or to support those that need extra time to complete their weekly reading.

This Week's Spellings:
 This week we will be learning the spelling rules: The /s/ sound spelt c before ’i’ and ‘e’.  












This Week's Multiplication Tables: 
   Sound Check Challenge!
This week, we are going to be testing our knowledge using Soundcheck on TTRockstars!

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