Thursday 20th January 2022


Good morning!
I hope that you are still well and managing with the online learning. Thank you to everyone who has emailed completed work.
Remember if you have any questions or you want to send me work, you can send it to
Reading Plus
Complete at least half an hour on Reading Plus.
LO: To identify words with the prefix, 'over-'
Read through the slide below for the definition of the prefix, 'over-' and the examples. Use a dictionary (or the internet with an adult's permission) to find at least 8 other words with the prefix. Make sure you understand what the words mean!
LO: To identify the features of a persuasive text
Read the text below and look at the checklist - can you find the features in the text? Remember to record examples.
LO: To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number and vice versa
Read through the pages from the maths notebook to help you understand what an improper fraction and a mixed number are. Follow the steps to convert from one to another. Choose section B or C from the text book to complete.
RE - Judaism
LO: To recount the story of the Exodus
Read through the 3 documents below and re-tell the story of the Exodus in your own way. This could be a letter, a diary entry or a comic strip or any other way you could think of.
RE - Judaism
LO: To explain the significance of the items on a Seder plate
Look at the image below with labeled sections. With adult permission, use the Internet to research the different items on a Seder plate and explain why they are significant in this special meal. You could print the picture or draw your own Seder plate.

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