Summer 2022

What an amazing trip to St Mary's Lighthouse! We climbed the lighthouse tower, explored the rock pools, learned about the different jobs people did in a lighthouse and created amazing sand art!
This week we have continued our work on position and direction. We took turns to guide each other around the rocks using directional language. the person being guided had to keep their eyes shut! It was so much fun. 
We also found out about what happened to Jesus' friends after he returned to heaven. We acted out the events at Pentecost and described times when the Holy Spirit has made us brave!
We loved making our lighthouses, based on our prototypes which we improved so that the finished products were secure and stable. They look amazing!
Year 1 have been learning all about our local coastline. We looked at pictures of King Edward's Bay in Tynemouth and created a representation of an aerial view, using a Lego model to help us to visualise it. We labelled all of the different features and our maps look amazing!
We also created prototype model lighthouses to work out how we could make a cylinder strong and stable. it was really tricky but we helped each other and worked together to fond a solution so that we can make our very own model lighthouses next week!
We weighed the chicks and worked out how much they have grown and worked hard on our phonics, sorting monster names into different categories depending on the sounds in each word.
What a brilliant start to the Summer term! We've welcome the 'living eggs' into our classroom and watched the little hatchlings emerge from their eggs! They became fluffy so quickly and we were able to weigh (some!) of them on Friday. We can't wait to weigh them again next week to see how much they have grown. We also started our topic of 'position and direction', making position spinners and practicing moving in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
We dressed up and acted out the events of the SS Forfarshire disaster when Grace Darling rescued stranded sailors form a terrible storm. It's been really interesting creating our own time line to show the events and finding out about life over 200 years ago! 

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