First Day of Absence


Week Beginning 9th Nov. 2020

First Day of Absence

On your first day of absence, you could:
  •  Spend time completing assignments (reading, vocabulary and visual skills) on Reading Plus.
  • Practise your weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.
  • Practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.
The links are below for you to click on (you just need your usernames and passwords). There are also links to other free reading, GPS and maths games to keep you busy! After your first day of absence, you need to click on the relevant day and there will be different home learning activities available each day (the links to the days will become available the evening before). You can also come back to all of these links if you want to complete extra activities.
Don't forget that you can email me at, if you have any questions.
Mr Dodds
Week Beginning 2/11/20
Spellings to be learnt for a test on Tuesday 10th November
1. according
2. awkward
3. conscious
4. dictionary
5. familiar
6. individual
7. neighbour
8. profession
9. sacrifice
10. system
Tasks to complete for your spelling work could include: 
1. Write each word and find its definition in a dictionary or online.
2. Write each word in a sentence to show you understand the meaning of the word.
3. Use the strategies we use in class to practise each spelling ready for your test. 
Strategies include: rainbow letters, pyramid letters, picture words and drawing blocks around the letters to show the size of each one.

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