Summer 2018

Today, Year 5 completed some beautiful work centred around one of our British Values: Tolerance. We spoke about respecting difference and how sometimes the words we use can mean hurtful things. The children got to choose how they would present their understanding and we had a lovely range of poems, leaflets, posters and stories.
Wow! A huge congratulations to Year 5, who walked away with the 'Best Design' Award at the Beamish 'Wind in Your Sails' competition.  The children have worked so hard to design and build a fully functioning Windmill out of K'Nex pieces. The judges were so impressed with that we have managed to connect the project to all our areas of our learning - especially with the work we have done in RE and linking Wind power to the Holy Spirit! They loved looking through the books we brought with us showing off all our hard work. Our Windmill suffered a bit of a battering in transport but still managed to work with a few last minute tweaks. It eventually raised a grand total of 15 coins! After a grilling from the judges, we spent the rest of the day competing in a bridge building competition and taking part in a 'chocolate welding activity'. What a fun day!
Well, there is playing in a gig, and then there is playing The Big Gig! Year 5 were honoured to take part in the city's biggest gig yet - with over 1000 pupils taking part! It was a privilege to be conducted by Mr Halsey, the composer of one of our faves, Big Bounce. We were all a little star-struck! Thank you so much to all the parents who came down to support us. It was wonderful to see you singing along and enjoying yourselves!
You know you're almost Year 6 when... Festival Day is upon us! Year 5 got the first chance up at the big school to experience what live will be like in a year (and a bit!)'s time! We loved it. Ms Fas found it particularly scary that we were all growing up, but we think we coped with the challenges really well!
What. A. Trip. Deneholme has definitely been a trip worth waiting for! We threw ourselves off ledges into rivers, climbed down the darkest caves and had the best time together in the most beautiful countryside. I am so incredibly proud of these children for their maturity and courage they displayed on the three days away! :-)
Summer is here already! Year 5 have started their last term brilliantly, and have fully embraced their new topic about The Maya Civilisation! So far, we have learned loads about the Maya hierarchy, religion and the importance of Maize - so important in fact, there was even a god for it! We are having a big focus on Narrative this half term, and so we are kickstarting our English topic with the story of The Hero Twins. This Mayan duo were skilled in the game of Pok-a-Tok - an ancient form of football! We are even planning on having a go of it ourselves... watch this space! 
We have been lucky enough to have been recently visited by Susan, who came from Beamish to tell us all about the ‘Wind in Your Sails’ project. This STEM competition is designed to develop our planning, building and evaluating skills and we have been set the challenge of creating a Wind Mill using only pieces of K’Nex! So far we have planned, built and evaluated our own 3-wheel buggy and we can’t wait to get started on the Wind Mill; It has been fantastic learning from each other, magpie-ing ideas and learning from mistakes. 
Year 5 have been really enjoying our latest Maths topic all about measuring. We have been exploring all about the different units of measurement and the different devices you can use to measure different objects. We have been learning about why it is so important to be able to convert between different units of measurement and also trying to refine our estimation skills.