Wow! We have had a great start to life in Year 4! We have discussed working as a team and that learning is a choice that we can receive as a gift. We have discussed the Paralympics and played Sitting Volleyball. We have learned so much about the ancient Greeks in our Creative Curriculum topic which included the Olympics! We are investigating the Battle of Marathon and how the messenger, Pheidippides, raced across Greece covering nearly 500km between Athens and Sparta then back! We discovered that the Persian army was very dangerous but the Athenians defeated them. Pheidippides then ran to the city (26 miles) to tell them of the army's victory. Unfortunately, he did not survive that final run but his feats have been immortalised in the modern day running of the Marathon event. I know that our great start will continue throughout the year! Well done Year 4!
Practical Maths combining measuring skills and place value!
'Is this Maths? I thought we were just playing games and having fun!'
We think that Maths should be fun and we're enjoying our place value topic in Year 4.