Summer 2018

Prayer Garden
Year 3 made the most of the beautiful weather to take part in some prayer and reflection in our prayer garden. We considered some of the things that we are thankful for and enjoyed some quiet personal reflection.
Carlos Amorales - Vertical Earthquake
We looked at the work of Carlos Amorales, a Mexican multidisciplinary artist who studied in Amsterdam. Amorales works in a variety of media, including video, animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance.

For his 'Vertical Earthquake' exhibition, he used crooked metal rulers that were made by following the cracked lines that appeared in the buildings that collapsed in Mexico City’s earthquake in 1985. The rulers hanged from a nail on the wall and then pencil lines where traced to form semi circles made by the repetition of the zigzag patterns. 
We created our own stencils using cardboard and designed our own versions of 'Vertical Earthquake'. We hope you like our creations!
We learned to play and perform as an ensemble, using voices and percussion instruments to recreate the sounds of the effect of an earthquake, including the human impact. We incorporated improvised & composed elements in our performances and shared our creations with the class.
Year 3 loved their first session using the Espresso Coding Software. We used our coding skills to design and write our own games, including one that involved bursting bubbles and one that involved flying an plane. Coding the games was fun, but playing them was even better!