Spring 2017

Year 3 and Year 4 were really lucky to be visited by Lynne who had a part as a villager in the new 'Beauty and the Beast' film. She showed the children pictures from behind the scenes of the film and told lots of stories about her time on set. The children asked her lots of questions - we must have lots of budding actors and actresses in lower Key Stage 2!
Durham Oriental Museum
Year 3 have had such an exciting day today exploring Durham Oriental Museum! We began the day by going on a 'Gallery Trail' and learning about Egyptian life by looking at the artefacts and information in the museum. Next we were able to (very carefully) handle real Egyptian artefacts, some of which were almost 3,000 years old! After lunch we looked at a real mummy of an Egyptian priestess before 'mummifying' Alice and acting as Egyptian gods to see if she could enter the After Life! What a fantastic day!
Reward for a Full Cube Jar
As a reward for a full cube jar, Year 3 chose to have a 'Sports Afternoon'. After running a mile for Comic Relief, they enjoyed some juice and a snack in the classroom before moving through to the school halls for some fun! Many of the boys enjoyed playing football whilst the rest of the class had out the apparatus, the trampolines, the body boards, the target and much more!! Tremendous fun was had by all!!
Sponsored Run for Comic Relief (23.3.17)
Year 3 completed their sponsored run for Comic Relief today and were fantastic! They ran around the perimeter of the school field, around the Key Stage 1 yard and around the Key Stage 2 yard -THREE times!! This is the equivalent of running one mile. Well done to everyone in Year 3 and thank you to friends and family who have sponsored the children!
Smart Scoot
Children in Year 3 had lots of fun today (despite the wind!) learning how to ride their scooters safely. They learned how to stop safely, cross the road safely with a scooter, how to be respectful of pedestrians and even had time to play a few games at the end of the session!
World Book Day (2.3.17)
There were some fantastic costumes in Year 3 for World Book Day today! The children had lots of fun in the afternoon creating fairy tale and fantasy buildings using the Imagination Play blocks and role-playing stories in their characters.
Year 5 Trumpet Concert
Year 3 were excited to receive invitations from the Year 5 children inviting them to a trumpet concert. We enjoyed listening to Year 5 play songs such as 'Bubble Gum', 'Banana Boat' and 'Surprise Symphony' and we even got to join in singing the silly songs 'Penguin' and 'Baby Shark'. Year 3 were so impressed with Year 5's playing and they can't wait to start learning the trumpet next year!
Here are some reviews from the Year 3 children:
"I liked the 'Penguin' song - I thought the actions were really funny." - Alice
"I liked 'Banana Boat' because it links to our Egypt topic." - Leonidas
"My favourite performance was ' Surprise Symphony' because I enjoyed getting a shock in middle." - Harry
"I liked 'Surprise Symphony' because it was nice and quiet and I felt sleepy and then I got woken up in the loud bits!" - Maria
"I loved 'Baby Shark' because the actions were so funny" - Lois
"I thought all of the songs Year 5 played were really good because they kept to the beat and had good rhythm." - Thomas
Number Day 2017
Year 3 have had an awesome Number Day 2017! There were some fantastic number and Maths-related outfits in order to raise money for The NSPCC. We spent the day taking part in mathematical activities including; learning and performing a number poem, making arrays to solve division problems and creating pictures by completing Tangram puzzles.
Year 3 delivered a fantastic assembly all about Egypt on Friday.
We hope all the Year 3 friends and family who came enjoyed it!
NUFC Workshops
Year 3 are lucky to be taking part in NUFC Workshops this half term. They have fun each week learning different football skills and then spend time in the classroom learning about healthy eating and keeping fit. This week the children learned all about nutritional information on food packaging and the difference between processed and fresh foods.
If ever there's an emergency, Year 3 can save the day! Mrs Gregson has been teaching the children how to perform CPR and they have been practising giving breaths and chest compressions.
We've been loving our new topic 'Modern Egypt' in Year 3! Here we are getting creative and making our own Tutankhamun headdresses. We look forward to debuting these in our Year 3 Egypt Assembly.