Autumn 2017

'Cup & Ring' Art
As part of our topic about the Iron Age, Year 3 have been learning about 'Cup & Ring' art. At first we practiced drawing them in our art books, then on pebbles using metallic pen. After that we created 'relief' printing blocks using cardboard, string and glue, which we used to create our brilliant repeating pattern art works!
Iron Age Baking

To introduce this Half-Term's topic about the Iron Age, Year 3 have been learning about the Celts, who lived in Britain at that time. We looked at different Celtic 'Icovellavna' (knot art) and learned how to draw a traditional triangular design called a 'Triquetra'. We then followed a recipe for shortbread - which included measuring and mixing flour, sugar and butter, and created our own shortbread Triquetra.  

Match Fit
Year 3 have loved our visitors from the NUFC Foundation this half term. Joe and Oliver have delivered the 'Match Fit' programme where we have learned all about how to be active and healthy. We have also done loads of exciting sports activities, rounded off by a 5-a-side football tournament.
Stone Age Pottery

We looked at some examples of genuine pottery from the Stone Age. We analysed the type of patterns and considered the tools that may have been used by Stone Age artists (e.g. sticks, bones & leaves). After that we produced a technical design for our Stone Age pots. We created our pots using modelling clay and tools that we found once dried, we evaluated our designs by identifying the strengths and areas for development.