Spring 2017

Year 1 trip to the Alnwick Gardens
Year 1 enjoyed a beautiful day at the Alnwick Gardens; they were on a mission to save Princess Beauty by following the 'Fairy Tale Trail'! We also explored 'The Serpent Garden', 'The Bamboo Labyrinth' and made fairy houses in the 'Crafty Cottage'!
Class Liturgy
We enjoyed a class liturgy all about the special people in our lives. It gave us the chance to reflect on and discuss all of the special people in our lives. We had the opportunity to say thank you to God for giving us special people in our lives and sung a special version of 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' - that the children wrote themselves.  
Year 1 are lucky enough to have computer whiz Mrs Gregson lead our computing sessions. Our topic this half term is programming and to do this we have been using the 'BeeBots'. We have been learning all about positional language and how to make an algorithm to control the Bots.
Year 1 Maths
In Year 1 we have a very practical approach to learning in maths. Here are some photos of how we have been learning the four operations in a practical, concrete way. It includes leaning how to multiply by pegging pairs of smelly socks on a washing line and dividing by sharing objects in groups. 
'My Dentist' & the school nurse
This week, Year 1 had some visitors in to teach us about how to look after our teeth. 'My Dentist' and Gemma, our school nurse, helped us to learn about what food is good for our teeth and what food is not so good. We also got to roleplay being dentists and patient using real dentist equipment.
Fairy Tale Day
Year 1 have been learning all about Traditional Tales we have had a special day today to celebrate this. We've had princes, princesses, big bad wolves, Peter Pans and even Jack and his beanstalk enjoying a range of traditional tales related activities with Mr Bright, Miss Hagan, Mrs Haighton and Mrs Broxup!
Number Day
Today we celebrated Number Day in order to raise money for The NSPCC. We all dressed up in number and maths related outfits and spent the day doing fun mathematical activities.
Imagination Playground
Year 1 were lucky enough to be the first children in school to play with the brand new 'Imagination Playground' equipment! We loved using our imaginations to build a range of amazing structures.
I'll huff and I'll puff...
Year 1 became architects as part of our Traditional Tales topic! We planned, designed and built houses for the 3 Little Pigs using straw, sticks and bricks. Our houses had to be built as sturdy as possible because we had to test them using our 'Wolf Huffer and Puffer' machine. 
Above: photographs of the designing, planning and building of our houses.
Below: some videos of our houses being tested.
This week we have been learning how to write instructions. First we followed instructions that told us how to make a jam sandwich, then we gave Mr Bright some verbal instructions about how to brush his teeth, then we wrote instructions about how to make a hot chocolate drink - that should keep us warm in this cold weather!